Spinning Endeavors

I did a lot of spinning yesterday ^_^ I spun about 8oz, and plied 4oz of those 8oz. Sadly, I was a silly person and forgot to take pictures of the plied yarn. But it ended up being my best yarn yet. More consistent, the plying ended up really really well. Only one break thing, which is really good. because in the past when I’ve plied stuff, the singles came apart really easily because I didn’t have enough twist to hold it together.

But because it was a more thicker yarn (haha, working on that :-P) and I made sure it had enough twist, plying with sooo smoothly.

But the other stuff I spun, now that was amazing ^_^

The outside of the little ball thing it came in, absolutely gorgeous…

And when I turned it over, I was totally surprised..

Besides the black and sparkle, it looks totally different, right? I had a little mini “OH MY GOODNESS, THIS IS SO COOL!!!” fiber moment. After that passed, I wondered if anyone heard/saw and was embarrassed, haha :-P

Anyways, so it spun up really really nicely…

It’s nice and soft and sparkley ^_^ It’ll be something really fun, whatever it ends up being :-P


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