Currently, me.

Obsessing over

Doctor Who yarn, fiber, AND stitch markers. Stitch markers for the 10th Doctor (David Tennant, EEEEEE!!) too. Even better. Good thing my birthday is 14 days away ^_^

Working on…

Heehee… well. You all know my UFO bin, to some degree. It seems like a huge bottomless pit to me, haha. But at the moment, I’m working on…




and Mitered Cross Blanket

Haha, of course there’s tons more, but that’s what I’m working towards finishing at the moment :-P

Thinking about…

School, graduation, life after graduation, blog post, and how many stinking exciting things I have coming up in the near future ^_^ Holy cow.


Those exciting events that’ll be happening. I can’t can’t can’t wait for them to.. happen, haha. Graduating, that’s definitely something that I’m anticipating, haha. Also, finally getting through all those UFOs, and being freeeeee of the guilt of starting something new when I know I should be working on something I already have going :-P Teehee ^_^

Listening to…

a shuffle of Sarah Harmer, Joshua Radin, JJ Heller, and Honey Trees Pandora stations. That’s happiness, right there.


Nothing at the moment, haha, but tea time should be happening soon ^_^ Om nom nom!


Lots of stuff, haha. Wishing various places where my friends live weren’t so so far away from Houston/Texas in general, because that makes me sad. Wishing for more time to work on blog stuff, knitting time, and spinning time. For long hair, haha.

Also, just btw. I got new glasses ^_^ My old ones looked like Harry Potter glasses (oor Molly, the American Girl Doll, however you wanna look at it :-P) and now they’re different ^_^ These, I’d definitely go out in public in. And not be afraid of people being like “OH MY GOODNESS. THOSE LOOK LIKE HARRY POTTER’S!!” which there’s nothing wrong with that… hahahahaha :-P But it gets kinda old after awhile, hahahaha :-P

Linking up with The Paper Mama for her Self Photo Challenge!


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