A new/old UFO – Ze Emma Shrug by Quince and Co.

“Oh my goodness… are you watching?? See me?? See me??”

“No one can even touch this cuteness. Nope. I just gotta… roll on this catnip sock. Aaaaahhhh”

Yeah, he’s kinda… adorable. ^_^

I’m… 2.4″ into the ribbing on Julissa…

Eeeee!! I’m so excited with how it’s turning out.. I can’t wait for it to be done so I can wear it ^_^

I pulled another UFO that had been stashed away, because I completely finished the leg warmers I was making.. (Haha, I’m actually wearing them right now.. but an FO post will be coming :-P)

So next thing on my list, or whatever I could lay my hands on, haha, was the Emma Shrug by Quince and Co..

Upon looking at various project pages for it, I noticed that people were saying that it’s a bit big in the end, which didn’t look good. And I thought it’d be ok for me, because I’m a bit more broad shouldered than some, haha (which causes lots of people to be like “OH my goodness, are you a SWIMMER?” to which I have to answer “no… I’m a dancer ^_^”. Random. That was so extremely irrelevant, hahaha :-P)

But my mom was nice and measured me and I’ll actually be shortening it.. because the full 39″ or whatever, the sleeves are then almost completely long sleeves on me. Maybe my arms are shorter. I have no clue, hahaha. But I’ll be fixing it a bit so it’s just perfect :-P

Nail polish that reminds me of the TARDIS and the Doctor is happy happy nail polish indeed ^_^


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