Toasted Macaroon…. ohhh yesss.

I have the cutest cat ever. Ever ever ever. ^_^ (We’ll ignore the fact that I am biased, haha)

So last night, while catching up with the most recent episodes of Downton Abbey and Once Upon a Time (which are both AMAZING tv shows, I highly recommend them) I hung out with mah ladybug. (which, thinking about that.. it’s really fun to say. “Me and my ladybug. We’re tight.”… haha :-P)

This was during Downton Abbey, and I adore this yarn. Er, fiber. Whatever you wanna call it. The colorway is called Toasted Macaroon (how could you not love something named *that*??)

It’s 100% Super fine merino top from Colinette

I used this… braid/bump/roving/whatever to try spinning thicker, and try and get a worsted… and I think I succeeded, haha, for the most part. I ended up getting 366 yds, which is pretty awesome. It’s soft enough it could definitely go around my neck, or be close to my skin. Awesomeness.

And during Once Upon a Time, I niddy-noddied (definitely a verb. Oh yes) some green stuff that I had plied about a week ago… or something.

I got 140 yds of a worsted, I think. I got the fiber from Northbound Knitting, and it was absolutely amaaaaaazing. I have one more braid from there, and I can’t wait to use it.

Yes, I have the cutest cat. in the entire world. End of story.


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