Half of a FO is always Accomplishment.

Half a finished object! Woot woot!

I got this project… a long time ago. Definitely before Thanksgiving, I believe.

It’s from Noro Accessories, which is an amazing book, I highly recommend it!

The pattern calls for Silk Garden sock yarn, but I went the normal Silk Garden (Color number is 84, and the dye lot is S, if anyone is interested), and I like it better, actually. They would have been lighter weight, but as a dancer, I like to keep my calves nice and toasty… it makes me happy, haha. Plus, they look really cool, haha.

Feelin’ pretty good about myself. I stopped working on these because the pattern wasn’t lining up and I was just frustrated. But when I picked them up again last night, I had no trouble whatsoever with the pattern lining up. I must have been miscounting or something, but I didn’t have that problem. Thank goodness, haha. Otherwise, I think they might have ended up back in the bag sitting in the time-out corner of shame.

So! Another project out almost completely out of the UFO bin. Progress ^_^


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