Upcoming changes..?

The second shawl of the West Knits Shawl Club came yesterday. it was a major major happy moment ^_^ It looks like it’s pretty much completely in garter stitch, except the edging at the bottom. Still US4 needles, so it’ll take awhile, haha. but it’ll be really epic when it’s done :-P

At the moment, besides school, looking forward to the new year, trying to re-gain my correct sleep levels, and school. Annnd knitting. I’ve been working on ideas for this blog.. the appearance, posting, important stuff like that.

So my posting might not be *quite* as regular coming up, but that’s just because ideas are bouncing around in my brain, trying to make The Ramblings of a Knitting Goddess the best it can be :-P

Bertie is also pretty excited about it too, haha. You can see the excitement pouring off his face, haha :-P


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