Cardigan and Yarn Inspiration

Yaaaaayyy, progress! I’m loving making this blanket.. even though this is only my forth square, it’s a lot of fun. Besides the fact that it *is* Noro.. (who wouldn’t have fun with that?) the idea and the construction is just a fun idea.

And in my opinion, if you’re making a blanket… it seems a whole lot less overwhelming if you do blocks/squares/bits of it at a time. Rather than cast on almost 400+ stitches and have to knit for forever. That just doesn’t sound fun, to me anyway :-P

Also, I think I blogged about this yarn awhile ago, when I got it. It’s Madelinetosh DK in…the colorway.

But it’s been sitting in my UFO bin/”please use me, I’m yarn, calling your nameee” bin that’s in my room. And I realized that I could make something else with this yarn… that would be way better than what I had originally planned for it.

Originally, I planned for the Railroad Vest by Madelinetosh, the yarn would be a bit different from what the pattern called for, so I’d have to mess with needle size and all that jazz.

So it kinda sat there, not started, because Christmas knitting came along, other projects came along. I was busy… heh heh.

Then just yesterday afternoon, I was thinking of all the sweaters I want to do in 2012 (and that list was massive, haha). The Gnarled Oak Cardigan by Alana Dakos from Coastal Knits (which this is an OUTSTANDING book. I’m pretty sure it’s been the talk of the knitting world for forever.. because it’s *that* amazing. Really, you should check it out!) came up, and I started thinking about the yarn I had…

(Here’s a better picture of the pattern on the top)

and then I remembered I had 5 cakes of Madelinetosh DK in my stash, I wasn’t as excited about the Railroad Vest as I was about the Gnarled Oak cardigan. So, there was a plan change ^_^

I don’t know when I’ll cast it on. My mom wanted me to cast it on last night, haha, so she could see what it would look like. But I knew I should probably finish a block/square/thing first… so I did, and that was all happy.

But I finished it rather late, haha (thanks to not being able to sleep, joyyy, haha) so if I *do* cast this cardigan on.. it’ll be this weekend. As a “Happy first week into your *last semester*, you can do this!”

It’ll be kinda like therapy, it’ll help me through the tough bits :-P

One thought on “Cardigan and Yarn Inspiration

  1. Amy says:

    That is a beautiful cardigan pattern and gorgeous yarn…I want to try a sweater at some point, but I’m also kind of scared of them lol. I hate seaming…..and I’m afraid all my hard work will look awful because of a terrible seaming job.

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