Book and blanket progress

Finished The Northern Light last night. It wasn’t… my favorite. I mean, it wasn’t horrible. But it wasn’t amazing either. I did enjoy reading it though, haha. Haha, it’s one of those books where you know it liked it, but you don’t know *why* you liked it. If you *do* read it, there are some parts that *I* personally didn’t think necessary.. they’re kinda “Ohhh my, moving on” and you skip a paragraph or two. Just a warning :-)

So I’ll be starting The Morning Gift this afternoon/evening/whenever I get the time. I was able to get a little more sleep last night, thank goodness. So I don’t feel like I was run over by a huge truck. More like a mini-van, but I’ll take what I can get :-)

Happy thing, school, I got it all done for today. And there was a lot O.o, but it’s all done… for today anyway, haha.

I worked a little more on the blanket…

I’m finally getting the hang of, I think, haha, of making the inside part. I was able to get all the garter ridges to line up how they’re supposed to… without getting too horribly frustrated, haha. Actually, it just kinda happened, and I didn’t even notice until I was about to finish the last one.

After being on break, and having pretty much the ability to knit/spin 24/7… going back to where school comes first is rather a let down, haha. Oh well, that’s what nights, breaks, and weekends are for, I guess :-P

Also, while I was trying to get to sleep last night, I discovered what a comforting sound your cat half moaning half snoring in his sleep at your feet is.

Call me crazy.. (I mean, I *am* the crazy cat lady :-P) but… it was a nice sound :-P


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