More books than knitting…

Yaaaayyy… obviously a lot of progress since yesterday… Yeahhhh, no. Oh well. I tried.

It look me literally three tries to get the third block thing connected in the right place. Which was only mildly annoying. I’d start it, thinking I was totally in the right place, get more than halfway through the block thing, and then realize, oh it’s pointing in the wrong direction -_-… so out it came… twice. Finally, I got it right. Third time is the charm, I guess, haha.

I’ve also been trying to read more fun stuff recently. Instead of knitting. Which is a insane thing to understand, I know. Me? Not knitting? Yeah, I’m astonished too. Haha :-P But I’ve been reading some pretty good books.. and have more on my list.

I’m reading The Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly, and so far it’s proven to be really really good. Bits of it are confusing, because it keeps switching between times… (like, flash back for several chapters, then it goes back to present day. And there’s not a whole lot to tell them apart. Though.. this is not the end of the world, haha) but I’m really loving it. It’s some kind of mystery.. that I.. don’t quite understand.. now, haha. Hopefully I will later.

And after that.. I’ll read The Morning Gift by Eva Ibbotson and Gone by Michael Grant

….and a spinning magazine, haha. Maybe not a book, but it’s fun reading. Don’t judge ^_^

That weird bug thing I got is… stupid. Its causing me to not get a lot of sleep… or enough for me to function happily and correctly through the entire day. Alas. I really hate it. Makes school a bit difficult… and this is only the second day back :-/

Bertie sends a sleepy greeting your way, and hopes you’re having a good day :-)


2 thoughts on “More books than knitting…

  1. phantomfan2 says:

    I’ve read GONE! I saw it in your picture. It was pretty entertaining; it reminded me of LOST. That and the fact that you said you wanted to read more fun stuff made me think of a book I just read: The Man Who Rode the Tiger by Charles Sailor. I first heard about it through a contest, and I didn’t expect to like it that much, but it was pretty epic! I highly recommend it! Plus, for that contest, all you have to do is review it and you get a free Kindle Fire! Here’s the link if you want:

    ps: I love your cat! :)

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