Mitered Cross = 3.2 squares

one square, one day. Pretty awesome, if you ask me. I love how this one turned out… I love the orange and the maroon in this color way. Eh, well, I love the entire color way, haha, but I find the orange and maroon especially fun :-P

So I have three squares now. All different sizes. Which is ok, haha. I can block the first two to the size of the bigger ones. Oooor if that won’t work, I’ll frog them and just re-do them with the bigger needles…

I thought I liked the smaller ones, I thought the tightness was kinda cool. But I loooove the openness and looseness of the bigger one (which is on US8s, just btw) It’s also going to make a really big blanket in the end, which I’m all for, haha. Big blankets = happy happy me.

So I started the next square last night, and just finished the second little… thing.. haha, just a minute ago.. while reading health.

Yes, I’m back to school. Alas, break had to come to an end. Alas, I’m also not feeling amazing. But oh well.. that’s life. And it must go on :-) That’s one of the reasons why I knit during my reading for school. It makes life so much more happy ^_^


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