Blankets and 16oz of fiber

Bertie wishes everyone a happy new year… obviously, he’s very interested in something…or something, haha.

I’ve been busy over the past couple of days. Busy, happy happy busy too.

Knitting wise… I finished my second square for the Mitered Cross Blanket

and the first one.. is also done…

annnnd I started for the third one last night.

My plan of action… haha… is to switch colors every square… so I don’t get bored (but I could never get bored of Noro) of doing one color way over and over and over.. But yeah.

First square, I knit it all on size US5s. Which.. the pattern calls for size US6s. So, it was already tighter and smaller than it was normally supposed to be. But that was fine. But it ended up being a really tight fabric, in the end.

So I went on, did the middle of the second square on US5s… and did the border on use US8s. Which, I really really liked how it turned out. Third square.. It’ll all be on US8s.. so, we’ll see how that’ll turn out. I’m sure some knitters out there are cringing and gasping in horror… because I’m kinda all over the place with the sizing. But oh well :-P I’ll make it work, haha.

Spinning wise ^_^ (eeeee, I love being able to say that *major happy face*)

I did three of those on New Years Eve, and one of them yesterday. Bam bam bammmmm.

The fiber arrived on New Years Eve from Three Waters Farm (which, if you’re looking for AMAZING fiber colors, and mixtures of fiber.. go there. Cause, hooooly cow, It’s SOOOO nice. And beautiful. And brilliant, haha.) So it arrived, and I got busy. I did the first three in about 6 hours, each was 4oz. And got around… 250 yds of a fingering/DK weight yarn out of each of them.

The last one.. I haven’t calculated how much it is, but it’s kinda the same weight… fingering/DK.

I’m so loving spinning, holy cow. it’s not even funny.

So, I’m running low on fiber again, haha. I have… 16oz left. But, from past experience, I can spin that much in one day. So, thanks to aplayfulday (^_^) I got 4 more braids of fiber from Northbound Knitting. I can’t wait for it to come :-D

Anyways, I better go. Since my mom and I haven’t been feeling well… we’ve been just knitting (and spinning as well ^_^) and catching up with all our favorite podcasts. Which is just so extremely happy.. because it’s been awhile since we’ve been able to do that. Annnnd we have new podcasts to try out, so that’s exciting as well. Hopefully, I’ll put a list up of our favorites sometime in the future, haha :-)


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