Mitered Cross Blanket, commence!

We went to the yarn store yesterday. We actually found a new one…though, no yarn store could ever replace Yarntopia, that’ll always be our favorite.

It’s called Knitting In the Loop, and it’s a total blast. It’s in this old house (which just makes me happy, haha) the selection is amazing (holy cow, they had an entire bookshelf full of Silk Garden and Kureyon… which is Noro, just btw, haha)

This was our second time going…so I had already explored their collection of Noro, and I had major droolage going on.. their colors, holy cow, they were amazing.

When we left the first time.. I already had something in mind for all that Noro ^_^ Which is bad of me, because really… I still have a lot of work left in that UFO bin. But I’m working on it. I’ll figure out some way to justify it, haha.

So… second time we go back. I kinda get some Noro. I kinda get a lot of Noro. Which makes me really really happy, haha. But I got enough to make a Mitered Cross Blanket, which was designed for earthquake/tsunami relief for Japan back in April. The pattern was (and still is, haha) 5.00$, and all the proceeds went to help the Mercy Crops help the Japanese. As of October 31, 2011 they had raised 18,000$. Their goal was just to reach 15,000$. It’s so cool to see how many people helped… just by buying a single pattern :-)

So I started it yesterday afternoon, and it’s sooo easy. Well, the first block was easy, then joining up and trying to get the lines to all point in the right direction, that was a bit tricky, and so my square looks really really… wonky, haha. Oh well, it adds character. Hopefully I’ll figure it out.

But I love the colors I picked out… I picked out two different colors… and actually one is a Silk Garden and one is a Kureyon.

The one that’s already knit up is the more orange-y one.. I’m so excited to see how it’ll look :-)

Noro just makes me happy, haha ^_^


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