.7 projects left! Yesssss

So, I might not have to stay up very very late/very very early on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day after all.

At this very moment, I only have about 1.5 (and barely that..) gifts to knit left. That absolutely have to be done. And the 1, it’s a hat. And all that’s left is the decreases. So… maybe more like .7 projects left, haha :-P

Phew. Lots of knitting right there. But totally more than worth it. Most definitely. I’m going to try and do my best to get pictures.. of the objects on/with/near by the recipient.. hopefully, haha. :-P

I love Christmas knitting ^_^

Plus, after I’m done, I get to continue my work on the UFO bin… and that Stephen West shawl, Sharktooth ^_^


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