Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fireeeee

last night we did half of our Christmas decorations…

the exterior illumination is out, and shall shine in it’s glory when it gets dark.

While the boys worked on the outside, my mom and I did the inside… the banisters, and such. It’s all good :-P

Tonight, the plan is to decorate the tree, which has been living in our house for the past couple of days. By now, the cats have gotten used to it. They are still a bit nervous about it, but they’re not so nervous that they act like a Ood will come climbing out of the insides (Major brownie points if you know what an Ood is! *Doctor Who jokes ftw*)

Tomorrow… we plan to clean, bake some stuff, go get my Christmas present (HOLY COW, I’M SO EXCITED!!) and then piano lessons… where I have a big theory test to do. Wheeeee!

I love Christmas time… it’s so happy ^_^

(Also, I’m totally going to, hopefully, watch the Doctor Who Christmas special on Christmas day. Hoooly cow, I CANNOT WAIT… ^_^)


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