FO: Frosted Chocolate

Oh yeah! OHHH yeah! We have not only an FO, but PICTURES of said FO. (Thanks to Joey, who took the pictures for me ^_^)

Pattern: Simple Pleasures Hat by PurlBee Soho. (direct link the *free* pattern! woot woot!)
Yarn: MC – Cascade 220 (lost the ball-band :-/) CC – Noro Silk Garden . Color: 272
Needles: US9 and US10
Mods: none

Also, I completed this hat in a span of 24 hours. Total knitting time was probably about 4 or 5 hours. I cast it on around 8:00 pm… knit a row, then the next day, completed the 6 inches of 2×2 ribbing during the movie Hugo (which I’m rather proud of myself. 2×2 ribbing, in the dark. No mistakes. Oh yeah.) Then I finished the body of the hat 2 hours later.

I’m pretty happy with it. It’s got a really nice long folded brim. It’s really super baggy. It’s colorful. I used stash. I used stash NORO (you all probably know by now, pretty much anything I do with Noro is stinking happy, haha :-P). In fact, both yarns were stash. Old stash. *accomplishment*

Now *heres* a hat that I would totally recommend for beginner knitters. Or “Let’s move on, one can only make so many scarves before I go insane” stage knitters :-P The crown shaping is so fun, I loved it.

Usually with hats, when I’m doing the shaping, I’m getting impatient… I just want to be able to wear the hat, or give it away. I want to move on. But no, I have a million rows of shaping to do.

This had like, 4 rows where you actually decreased (and 2 rows in between each decrease row). And bam, I was done! I really like the look of that as well… it’s pretty stinking adorable, if you ask me :-P

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