You know you’re a Jeeves and Wooster fan when…

I’ve been a bad knitter over the past couple of days, and have been knitting things that aren’t necessarily Christmas gifts (though, they could be) and ignoring the fact that, yes, I should be knitting on Christmas gifts. But noooo.

I had to cast this on. The yarn was just too happy, and the pattern too tempting *not* to cast it on. I mean, I had already waited, what… 2 weeks? 3 weeks? since I actually got the pattern and the yarn.

So the pattern is Poet Society Tam by Madelinetosh, and I’m using Madelinetosh DK in… Warm Maize. Which definitely fits the color, most definitely.

As much as I’m absolutely adoring how it’s turning out, and how it looks… My relationship with the pattern itself is rather rocky. Really really rocky.

Well, just getting it started, and all that jazz. It was really bad.

Though, I must say, when I started it, it was like…11:30 at night. So I definitely wasn’t the most alert person. And on top of that, Jeeves and Wooster was playing, so I was busy practically quoting the entire episode. You know you’re a Jeeves and Wooster nerd/geek/insanely huge fan when you can quote almost an entire episode.

But yeah, with the little overlap thing, it made sense… kind of. But the way it was written (or the way my brain was translating it, haha) did not work. at all. Stitches would have ended up in the wrong place, the beginning of the round would have been in the wrong place. It was just all wacky.

Eventually, I figured something out, and now it’s going along extremely well.

It was just really frustrating to have that problem. I was also being impatient, so that wasn’t helping anything, haha.

I definitely wouldn’t recommend this pattern to a beginner knitter, or someone who doesn’t know their way around the knitting world very well. If you *do* end up making it, at some point in time, and you’re confused… definitely shoot me a message, and I’d be happy to tell you what I did.

On a happy note, I have absolutely adorable buttons that are going to go on the hat when it’s done. Like, adorable adorable. Oh yeah.

Also, the ad on Pandora for McDonald’s Big Mac, is only relatively annoying after it’s played 15 times in the span of 20 minutes. *sarcasm*

But that’s my personal preference :-P


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