Christmas Mission – GO!

Christmas Mission: Hat for someone, who shant be named lest this person read this blog.
Progress: about 50%
Pattern: Ariosa Pompom Hat by Hannah Fettig (direct link to the pattern!)
Yarn: Berroco Vintage
Needles: US9 and US10.5
Mods: none… well, I might not do the pompom, haha.

(on a very random, and definitely not-related note, my hair is growing fast, hallelujah! Holy cow, I miss my long hair, haha. Anyways, moving on :-P)

Started this hat last night, after searching Ravelry for awhile. Finally found it and it was like “BINGO. Let’s go get the needles.”

It’s moving on extremely fast. Which is no surprise because its on size US10.5, and the yarn is already pretty… bulky. Well, technically, it’s worsted, but because of the needles.. yeah. It bulks up.

But yeah, I think the recipient will like this hat :-P

Moving along with my gifts… I keep finding more and more people I want to knit for, and I’ll eventually have to face reality and accept that not everyone I want to give something to will get something… on Christmas.

Now, *after* Christmas.. that’s a totally different story :-P


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