Shhhhhh, don’t tell!

Christmas knitting going on, don’t tell!

This is a really special Christmas knitting thing. Because I don’t have a pattern, I’m designing it. And it’s got a lot of cables.

There was also a lot of math involved. Obviously, I survived. But just barely, haha :-P

My stitch dictionary has been my biffle (translation: BFFL – best friend for life. I pronounce it as “biffle”. Don’t judge :-P) while working on this. Trying to pick out the perfect cables and such, trying to make the numbers work.

But overall, it’s been a major success. I’m no where near to being done, but I’m working on it! I’m knitting it on size US13 needles.. with Liberty Wool, held double.

Also, I picked up stitches for the first sleeve on Leaflet last night, while watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory (which I’m now a huge fan of. So much so that I went all the way back to season 1. Oh yeah.)

For the sleeves, I’m using a size US9.. instead of a US10. Mainly because I couldn’t find a 16″ US10, and there was nooooo way I was going to be using DPNs. I hate ladders. Especially on sleeves.

But I’m actually really happy with using the US9.. it’s making the sleeves tighter, which is what I wanted, so I don’t have to worry about doing as many decreases to make the sleeve fit.. the way I want :-P

So, I have this Christmas present to finish. And now I need another one. Possibly another one. Annnnd maybe another one. So. that’s.. a lot. I’m glad I got almost everything done before hand. So yeah. I have… 24 days. ish. Well, technically 25, because I can work late into the night of the 24th. Which I have definitely done before, haha. I am no stranger to that :-P

And if you need a little smile today. Or a huge smile. Or a giggle or two… watch this



One thought on “Shhhhhh, don’t tell!

  1. Mariah Webb says:

    I’m a pretty new knitter and I’m working on christmas scarves! I don’t know if I’m gonna finish in time…… haha

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