Leaflet – 90% complete

All thats left? The sleeves. Oh yeah.

While doing the edging, I was worried that it would end up like a lot of my previous edgings… all bunchy, pulling the bottom of the cardigan up, all that jazz… basically ruining the entire thing.

But noooo. I followed the pattern, did the stitch ratios for picking up purposes, and it turned out amazingly ^_^

The pattern is for short sleeves, which fall to about.. half way down your upper arm from your shoulder.

Which is totally cute, I love that. But I think… I’m going to change it and do 3/4 sleeves. Just because I’ll get more out of it that way, and I think it’ll be even cuter (if that’s even possible, haha)

I have the needles sitting in front of me, along with some tea and a school book, so I better go :-P

Real quick, today is the last day of NaKniMo! I completed both my goals (*accomplishment*) with flying colors. My Acer Cardigan got done, with more than enough time to spare. AND I totally owned my stitch count for this month.

My goal was 100,000 stitches. I ended up with 110,409. And It’s only 11:00 AM. We’ll see where I am by midnight tonight :-P


I’m only a little excited, can you tell? ^_^


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