Oklahoma City, and it’s yarny adventures.

Phew, I’ve done a lot of traveling over the past few days…my sister-in-law graduated from the Oklahoma City University PA Program. Which is so awesome, that’s a ton of work, and she did an amazing job. I did take pictures of the trip, with my phone (except for two of them), so I’ll just show you some of them :-P

Upon getting to Oklahoma City, people took naps, people worked, and my mom, dad, and myself… what did we do?

We headed to the yarn store.

And Gourmet Yarn, the store, was extremely epic. Because 1) the selection was so huge, it wasn’t even funny. and 2) They had a TON of Madelinetosh. That picture is just a little bit of their selection. My mom and I kinda had a mini-knitter’s heart attack. There was just so much goodness.

It was too good to pass up. So we both came home with some. I got a different color as well, but that’s for a different post :-P This amazingly gorgeous yellow is going to be a hat. The Poet Society Tam, in particular. I also got two adorable little buttons to go with this yarn.

I surprised myself by being so attracted to that yellow. I’m not a huge yellow fan, actually. I don’t think it looks that good on me. But I love this yellow. Who couldn’t love it? It’s just a happy hue.

I got stitch markers. for 6$. Be jealous.

They came on this thread, as well as the little holder, which my mom and I were confused about. Why the little thread? I soon found out, when I got it out of the package for further inspection, that it was made to be a necklace, so you could hang it around your neck, and get stitch markers easily. That is what I call a brilliant idea. Oh yeah.

Day 1 – going to Dallas: Started before the division of the arms.
Day 3 – coming home to Houston: Body completely cast off, and only 5 more rows on the edging, and the sleeves left.

Yeah, I spent a lot of time sitting around either in the car, or listening to people. I was having a total blast.

I also started the Hunger Games. HOLY COW. SO STINKING AMAZING. I CANNOT PUT IT DOWN. Except.. now, of course, because I’m writing this. But I shall definitely go continue to read this after I’m done.


I finished an early Christmas gift ^_^ The recipient adores it. Annnnd it’s really really cool. I’m happy with how it turned out. I used the Big Snowy Owl pattern from Purlbee SoHo

Just btw: I’m absolutely swamped for the next… 2 weeks ish. So if the weekly posts aren’t there, or if I’m not posting as often as I usually do (and as often as I’d like. holy cow, I love to blog) you’ll know why.

I’m so excited for Friday, you have NO IDEA!! HOLY COW.


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