Light as a feather…

Making major progress on the Featherweight Cardigan! I’m almost done with the first sleeve…

Not only did we see the Muppet Movie yesterday, we also saw Tower Heist (which was absolutely hysterical. Holy cow, you should see it.). the Muppet movie yielded a lot of knitting time.

Unfortunately, I was working on the last 2 inches of 1×1 ribbing for the sleeve during Tower Heist, and accidentally messed up the ribbing. Good thing was that I figured it out like after 15 stitches. So I stopped, which was sad. But oh well, I definitely enjoyed the movie :-P (I would have enjoyed the movie if I had been knitting as well, hahaha :-P)

I’m really excited about this… I’m thinking about what stitch pattern I should do for the collar… and I think I’ve settled on the linen stitch. pretty sure. Prettttttyyy sure… haha, but I’m still on the look out :-P


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