Yummy yummy pies and knitting

Happy belated Thanksgiving, everyone :-P Sorry I’ve been kinda away for the past couple of days, we have a lot of family here, and we’ve been hanging out a lot :-P

But I hope you guys had a *great* Thanksgiving.. and that it was just delicious as mine was :-P

I have definitely be knitting.

On my Featherweight Cardigan, by Hannah Fettig… which I started forever ago… and shoved it aside because I got bored with it, haha. Really really bored. But we tried to see the Muppet Movie on… Wednesday (which that didn’t end up working, oh well. We saw it today, and it was awwwwesome) and I wanted something to work on during the movie.

Which was rather insane of me, really. I knew if I was going to work on that, I would have to boing 1×1 ribbing. With lace weight. In the dark. For 2 inches.

yeah, sounds crazy. But I did do it…. and I got a lot done!

So much so, that I got the ribbing done, I cast the body off, and I’m more than halfway done with the first sleeve. Yep.

Haha, things get done when you have a lot of time on your hands :-P

Also, we stopped by Sam Moon’s today… and my sister and I got some epicly sweet earrings…

here are mine…

and here are Katie’s

and yeah. Feather earrings… sooooo awesomeeee!

Now I’m off to go knit some more :-P


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