FO: Acer Cardigan!! ^_^

My friends…

I present the Acer Cardigan. Completed in a grand total of 19 days. This was my National Knit Month (NaKniMo) and National Knit a Sweater Month (NaKniSweMo) sweater.

The above picture, the sweater was just to marvelous that I had to close my eyes. Oooor I may have been blinking. But this sweater is definitely amazing, if I do say so myself.

It also looks adorable buttoned up. I found the most perfect buttons ever. They’re just amazing. Wooden. With a uberly cool flower motif on it, that’s not like really flowery… or girly-girl.

They go so well with the sweater, it’s just perfect.

I adore this sweater, and if I need to make another one, I would gladly do it in a heartbeat. The pattern was so simple, easy to follow. The cable pattern was easy to memorize and keep track of. My only mod was to change the length of the sleeves, and that was easy peasy.

I’ll be wearing it on Thanksgiving, and many many many times after that :-P

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