Day 10 of 14 Days of Thankfulness – Friends, near and far…

*just realized that 14 days isn’t going to… line up exactly with Thanksgiving.* Oh well… that doesn’t really matterrrr… it’s the thought that counts, right? :-P

Warning: This post may or may not include many inside jokes. Do not feel bad if you think I’m completely insane. Or if you get lost in the weirdness. I get lost myself sometimes, hahaha :-P

Today, I’m thankful for my friends.

Which, I do realize.. being thankful for your friends it’s one of those things that everyone is thankful for. Like saying you’re thankful for your family, or food.. or whatever…

Not saying that that’s a bad thing though, it’s totally awesome (more than awesome, haha) to be thankful for those things.

But my friends? They’re just so stinking awesome. That they need their own post.

So, today is Sunday. Not only did I get to go and worship our Creator with likeminded people, I got to see my friends and fellowship with them. And I love it. I love Sundays in general, they’re just awesome.

And of course, I had a stinking blast. At least 5 jokes were created (that’s the average per week, hahaha :-P) and it was just a blast.

When we moved, I was worried about finding friends. Yep, I was sooo worried. Having never moved before, in my entire life, moving at 13 yrs old(or something around that age, haha) I was a wreck.

We visited a ton of churches, and St. David’s church stuck out.. so we started going there! And holy cow, the people there are so amazing. Words to describe them… it’s just not possible. They are the best. The girls were so accepting and welcoming. I felt right at home, and I had nothing to worry about.

Now, I feel like I’ve always been a part of that group. It’s just a perfect fit, and I love them so so much. (NEVER BE A MUSHROOM CLOUD. NEVER EVER.)

My friends back in Oklahoma. Holy cow. I hate to use the phrase “there are no words to describe them” over and over again, because it’ll start sounding like I don’t mean it. But I really do… I mean. I grew up with those people. I spent a ton of time at my friends’ houses. And moving was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done… but I feel like, that even though we moved.. my relationship with my friends back in Ponca City has only strengthened. I am and forever will be an Oklahoman at heart. Ooh yeah.

Then my online friends? they are so extremely special, in so many ways. When you hear the term “online friend”, a lot of people are like “O.O… STRANGER DANGER. People can be not who they say they are online…”… which is totally true in a lot of cases. But not so much when you meet them through like online classes and stuff.

But yeahhhh… my online friends. They are so stinking’s not even funny. They are also aquatinted with Mrs. Beasly. The violated Mrs. Beasly.
Nose hair..(Don’t ask, you don’t want to know….) that’s a thing. Also, random things such as Sprinkles, Sheep, and Frying Pans are subjects that are brought up a lot. (once again, you don’t want to know)

But yes. My friends, in those 3 groups, and outside those groups.. they’re so amazing. And I’m so blessed to have every single one of them. They make me laugh, laugh when I don’t want to, cry (but it’s a happy cry, haha), burn HT, help me with my problems, listen when I need to rant about Doctor Who or my knitting..

yeah. you should be jealous.

Haha, I’m sorry this was so long. and without pictures. But it’s a totally worthy cause, haha :-P

I’m now.. off to take FO pictures of the Acer Cardigan! Yep, I got it done last night. HOLY COW, I ADORE IT.


2 thoughts on “Day 10 of 14 Days of Thankfulness – Friends, near and far…

  1. Hannah says:

    I…just got around to reading this. AND HOLY COW! it made me happy heehee ;)
    love ya too girl, and I’m very thankful for you<3

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