Almost done… ALMOST DONE!

So the button bands took me about 20 minutes each. About 10 minutes to measure out where the button placement should be. And yeah. That’s just 50 minutes for both button bands…

I took the above picture this morning. Since then I have finished the second button band, and started picking up for the neck band.

Noro scraps used as markers is just happiness. In the form of wonderfully colored yarn.

So… now I need to find buttons.

I was thinking either… black…? Or maybe wood.

I really like the idea of wood buttons… the cardigan looks kind of organic with the color of the yarn and all that jazz, so it might add to the… look, haha, of it, if the buttons were wooden. Maybe..? Opinions would be awesome :-P

Also, the fact that I’m using really really old stash yarn to make this is just really really awesome.

It counts as using something from my UFO bin… right? Kinda? *is trying to feel better about self and the current state of the UFO bin* *it’s kind of embarrassing* O.o

5 days till Thanksgiving. I so have this. BOOYAH. <24 days = one cabled cardigan.


My older brother, when I showed him this morning, said that it looked better than the stuff you could by at J Crew. And he knows.

I was extremely happy about this statement. ^_^


5 thoughts on “Almost done… ALMOST DONE!

  1. Amy says:

    Wow Grace! You are just zipping along with this sweater. It looks fabulous and the color really suits you :) Hunter green is one of my favorite shades. I think wood buttons would definitely look amazing with this.

    I agree with your bro – J Crew would charge almost $200 for a sweater not nearly as nice…

  2. Emily Hayashida says:

    Wood buttons all the way.

    Is it weird that I know that your shirt in the first pic says “Owl City”? Cause I know that.

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