Second sleeve done. BAM.

So, remember yesterday when I said something along the lines of “I hope the second sleeve doesn’t go slowly…” ….?


I got the *entire* sleeve done yesterday *AND* sewn in.

No joke. Like… yeah.

I mean, I can understand half of a sleeve in a day. But a WHOLE SLEEVE?!

True, these are elbow length sleeves. But it *is* knit on a size 5. I had to keep checking the other sleeve to make sure the increases were in the right places.

I’m still kinda surprised I got it all done… in ONE STINKING DAY.

I’m also really happy about this, hahaha :-P

Now all that’s left is… the button bands, and the neck band. Which should hopefully take a day and a half at the most.. depending on my requirements of the day, haha.

And I have 6 days left till Thanksgiving ^_^

*is extremely proud of self*

Ooooooh yeahhhhhh :-P


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