Day 8 of 14 Days of Thankfulness! – Teapots

People are always thankful for tea.. and tea cups. But, I dunno.. maybe I’m just unobservant about this, but I’ve never really seen anyone gushing over teapots… have you?

(Credit: Pinterest)

They really are cool things…

They’re so cool.. there are songs written about them. *Starts humming “I’m a Little Teapot”*

And, they can do other things than just hold tea…

(Credit: Pinterest)

I mean, seriously. How brilliant is that?! When I get my own place, annnnd if I have the time, haha. I’d love to do that.

How fun would it be to go hunting around old vintage, hole-in-the-wall stores looking for little old teapots?

That’d be epic fun, in my opinion :-P


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