Knit, little knitter, KNIT!

Even though it looks extremely stupid like that, only one sleeve attached, haha, I’m going to show it to you guys anyway… cause I’m so stinking excited about this sweater.

(and I also do realize that my nails are extremely weird. I definitely agree, and I have no idea what I was thinking when I did them, hahaha)

So, I finished the sleeve last night during the most recent episode of Once Upon a Time, which I’m absolutely loving. I don’t care if people think it’s cheesy, or whatever. I like it, so I’m going to watch it, haha.

Then I sewed it in after that, while watching the last episode that’s on Netflix of The IT Crowd. *is so sad there isn’t any more* *why do some tv shows have to be canceled* *weeps*

I was a bit worried about “easing the sleeve cap into the armhole”… so I quick quick looked it up on YouTube, and it was extremely helpful. I found Seaming a Set-In Sleeve by the BerrocoKnitBits

Which, it’s for a garment with seams down the sides of the front and back as well, and I didn’t have that. So I just had to wing that part, haha.

It wasn’t a huge deal though. I have set in sleeves before, and they turned out fine. Buuuut those had seams down the sides of the garment, haha.

And just so everyone knows, I just got a huge urge to just sit, knit, and watch about 10+ Doctor Who episodes. Why did I want you to know that? I have no clue. But now you know.

The sleeve itself, I love. It’s a little snug, but I prefer my sweater sleeves more on the snug side rather on the loose/flappy-aroundy side. But that’s just personal preference :-P

The pattern has full-length sleeves. But that doesn’t… really combine well with Houston weather, haha. Yaaayyy for easily shortened sleeves ^_^

I did update the stitch counter, woot woot! Moving along nicely. I’m surprised as to how much I’m actually getting done.

Haha, I remember this from last year… I never really think about how many individual stitches I’m knitting.. until I have to count them, haha. Or, do the math, haha.

Then it’s like “O.O… hooooly cow. That’s. a lot of stitches.”

So I started on the second sleeve this morning, during my physics lecture, haha. And I’ve got around… 10 rows of the 2×2 ribbing done so far. Only… 14 more rows left then I start on the…. non-ribbing part of the sleeve, haha.

So I have a week to finish it. Completely finish it. Button band, buttons…maybe… and the sleeve. Can I do it? YES I CAN!

Er… I hope I can, hahaha :-P


One thought on “Knit, little knitter, KNIT!

  1. Hannah says:

    I find these pictures to be scandalous due to the lack of cloth on one shoulder. It’s almost as bad as someones *tries not to look in her direction* skimpy clothing.

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