Nutella, that creamy goodness…

my mom made bread yesterday. *drools*

holy cow, it’s amazing.

But if you add nutella (like… a lot of nutella. But I have ballet later today, so I feel better about myself, haha) and an amazing cup of tea.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ^_^ It’s so nice. Soooo soo nice.

Bertie, the cutest cat in the entire world, also agrees with me.

Though, he thinks that this particular sun patch might be more amazing…

But that’s ok, because it’s all personal preference anyway, haha :-P

NaKniMo update, it’s definitely grown. But not enough to get a picture, haha. I’m just about to do the next big cable round. I’ll do that right after I post this, haha.

My stitch count is nowwww… 14,440 out of 100,000. Woot woot. I’m going to try and put a little.. counter thing on the side, so that’ll be… awesome. *joins bandwagon* ^_^

I have a lot of physics to do. Like.. a lot a lot. And it takes me a long time. I… better go… do that. Urgh. >.<


2 thoughts on “Nutella, that creamy goodness…

  1. Braden says:

    Nutella and homemade bread are fantastic! And I also have a ton of Physics I’m trying to catch up on lately :)
    Also, I like the idea of the 14 days of thankfulness. I’m going to try doing it on my blog. So that should be a good exercise for me to post more often. :)

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