Bertie in Boots… Oh yeah.

Before I start, I’m just going to throw this out there… so all of you know.

But I may or may not be listening (and singing…^_^) to Christmas music while I write this. *coughcough*

No, you cannot spear me for listening to Christmas music on November 9th(even though I started listening to it a while ago, heh heh) It’s Christmas music, it’s happy stuff. I’m not forcing you to listen to it, haha. I enjoy it… so I’m going to listen to it. And sing along. Because I can, haha ^_^

Anyways, that out of the way, haha :-P


I know I’ve said this at least… I dunno, a million times. But Bertie is the cutest cat in the ENTIRE world. I’m sorry, I just gotta say… he is, haha. Bias, or not.

….even when he lays on my knitting patterns, haha.

*gets the kitty-kitties*

I’ve decided he’s my Puss in Boots…minus the boots, haha (if you haven’t seen that movie, you REALLY REALLY SHOULD. holy cow. it was just like… oh my goodnessssss. So. stinking. adorable.)

Katie and I went to go see it on… Saturday afternoon in Oklahoma City (don’t worry, pictures from that coming soooon :-P) and… *glances around*

I kinda got the kitty-kitties… during the movie. …multiple times. *cough* Katie definitely noticed and mentioned it afterwards. We both laughed, haha.

This is just the day to admit embarrassing things. And not so embarrassing things, because I’m not embarrassed about the Christmas music. That’s how I roll, haha. Wheeeee!

Anyways! Moving on, NaKniMo! I need to update my stitch counter, I made a major dent in my numbers yesterday evening. And some today, already.

So there’s the back cable panel. Lots of progress since yesterday

I just finished the shaping in the waist, and now I’m continuing on in the pattern for… another like 5 inches, so I have 14 inches. Thennn I divide for the arms! Woot woot!

It being only the 9th, I think I’m doing pretty well… When I get going, I end up doing a lot. Instead of being like “Oh, I’m gonna work on this. *does 2 rows* Booyah, progress. I’m done.”

it’s more like “Time for NaKniMo knitting!! *does 15+ rows* Bam.”

I’m pretty excited about it ^_^ I’m undecided as to the kind of buttons I want…

but I have plenty of time to think about that :-P


One thought on “Bertie in Boots… Oh yeah.

  1. Suzy says:

    Trans Siberian Orchestra makes it into my iPod play list starting on November 1 and lasting well into January. I reserve the rest of the Christmas music fro Thanksgiving through New Years but TSO I could listen to year round if it weren’t for all the grief my staff would give me! I get it!

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