NaKniMo starts today!!

*inner-knitter is so excited, it’s not even funny*

I swatched, like a good person, on… Sunday night, I believe. First with a US6, like the pattern calls for. But, my gauge was off by like half an inch (er… it was bigger than it should have been, haha) so I went down to a US5, and got gauge awesome possum :-)

I got to cast on this morning! EEEEE!!

164 stitches on US5s with a worsted weight. It’s actually.. very… interesting. I haven’t had a lot of experience with knitting a small needle and a thicker yarn. but it’s definitely how it’s supposed to be… it’ll be a tight knit with some body to it.

So, I cast on around… 8:30 this morning. Then, had to take a break for a couple hours.. due to school, and a big paper thats due on Friday. Joyyyyy, haha.

But I got more progress on it after I worked on that for a bit.

This was around… 1:00… hence the lighting/color change, haha. This one is more accurate to the actual color.

When I swatched, I used a 16″ US5… which was awesome, it was perfect! But obviously, I couldn’t use that for the entire sweater. that’s just stupid, haha. (…imagine… 164 trying to be squished on a 16″.. O.o. Not a pleasant thought, haha)

So when I went to cast it on this morning, I forgot that I didn’t have the right length. So I went digging. Annnd alas, couldn’t find any circular US5s… it was rather unhappy. BUT I did find straights, which I actually got on Bath, England.

(Side story: The yarn store owner in Bath, was possibly the sweetest person in the entire world. She was so kind, chatty, everything a yarn store owner should be. She was the *best*. Both my mom and I got yarn, and we also had a new friend :-P We paid and left to find the boys who had went to get ice cream while they were waiting. halfway down the street, I realized that I didn’t have the needles to cast on my project, and I had hoped to knit on it on the flight home. So, back we went. We got the needles, and headed to check out. When we went to pay, the needles were like… 3 pounds, I think. But my mom only had a 5 pound note. And the store didn’t take cash….notes, whatever they’re called, haha, for sales under 5 pounds.

We had told the lady that I was planning to knit on it on the plane, and now she knew that I had no needles. So, she was an angel, and was like “Oh, it’s a gift! Another nice souvenir!” and we were like “O.O are you sure??” and she said “No worries! Seriously! a little gift from me :-)”

End side story :-P)

So I have the straights. But, obviously… after awhile, it’s going to get horribly heavy. I mean, it *is* a sweater, haha. Of course it’s going to get heavy.

But it turns out that my mom is almost done with some 24″ US5s.. so once she’s done, I’m all set! And can continue on.. not having to worry about it getting like a bag of bricks later :-P

Also, we have a new cat toy…

There is catnip inside that mouse. And… Bertie adores it. Obviously, haha :-P

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