Blocking things… oooh yesssss…

Bertie hopes that you’ve had an amazingly awesome past few days. And if you have snow, that you’re all bundled up… knitwear or not. With all the snow… up East. and the cold breezes and degrees down here (it’s currently 75… Yes, laugh if you must, I care not.) it IS chilly/cold for us. Some of us ARE bundling up… and enjoying the fact that we *do* get the bundle up, haha

actually, on Friday night.. I think it was something like 45 degrees. And I was outside playing frisbee with some friends… in my jammies, uggs, cozy cowl, and a hat I made. To say the least, it was epic. My frisbee skills have increased by at least 5, so I’m proud of myself, haha.

Teehee ^_^ Something is blocking! BOOYAHHHHH. It’s that Earth and Sky shawl by Stephen West.. Which I wanted to get done by November 1st, for the start for National Knitting Month (aka – NaKniMo, which I’ll talk about in just a bit..) and I FINISHED IT! WOOT WOOT. So happy.

I finished blocking it about 30 minutes ago, so it’s drying right now. I’m interested to see how the linen yarn will end up.. It’s already pretty soft. But I don’t know what blocking will do it. Yaaay for experimentation! :-P

Ok, so NaKniMo? oh yeah. So there. Totally doing it. I did it last year as well, with the stitch goal of 60,000 stitches. Which I surpassed shortly after the start of the month. I think I made it to like 80,000 stitches, or something.

I’m not sure if I’m going to do the stitch count again or not. my goal might be just to finish the sweater I’m planning on doing. I’ll be doing the Acer Cardigan as part of Aplayfulday’s NaKniMo KAL.

Annnnd, I’ll be using Berroco Vintage, which I’ve had in my stash for forever…

Sooo yep :-) I’m excited!! Eeeeee ^_^


One thought on “Blocking things… oooh yesssss…

  1. Shaina says:

    Your frisbee skills have increased by 5…. five what? Lol.. haha you have no idea how happy reading your posts makes me Grace!! You remind me of my best friend, haha.

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