Earth & Sky, NoKniMo, and SPINNING!

“Happy Thursday” says Bertie. You can see the excitement and happiness pouring off his face, haha.

First off, I had an ABSOLUTE BLAST at the spinning night thing. Holy cow. It was just… so much fun. I was bitten by the spinning bug, and I’m hooked. 100%. I tried 3 different wheels, but my favorite was the Ladybug.

I actually brought my own fiber, because I didn’t… know if I needed to or not. At first I was spinning fiber that one of the ladies’ brought. Annnd, I spun pretty much all of it. I dunno how much it was, but it was. Or it felt like a lot, haha. So I got to spin my own fiber, 3 of the little… ball things from the Eggplant sampler. AND MY DR.WHO FIBER!! I was so excited I got to use some of that. It was like “EEEEE!”

I sadly thought about my camera *after* we left. So I didn’t get any pictures. But the group was so amazing. I loved it. I’d definitely love to do that once a month.. go and spin with awesome people.

Also, NaKniMo is coming up. (and to all those doing NaNoWriMo, I wish you luck, haha. I also salute you, haha. That’s a lot of work, haha.) And I’m going to be doing the Aplayfulday‘s KAL ^_^ (another AMAZING podcast that you should definitely check out. Most definitely.) I’m thinking I’ll be doing the Acer Cardigan. But I’m not sure. But yeahhh ^_^

So, because that’s coming up. It starts on November 1st. In 3 days. I have things that I really want to get finished before then, so I feel ok casting on a big sweater. Thing.

I decided to start small. Get this done. then I can work on something.. else bigger.

I’m finally finishing my Earth and Sky, the KAL that Stephen West did (there are more pictures of it in that flickr stream)… back in August (yes, yes. Back in August. I’m sorry, haha) I actually cast it on at Summit, and worked on it during some of the lectures (*happy happy memories*)

Personally… I don’t like knitting this. I really really don’t like knitting this. Because you have to have 3 balls attached at *once* at different points on the row. and there’s a lot of twisting, so there aren’t any holes. It’s just a big tangled mess by the end of one row.

Though I do love the look of the finished object, it’s extremely striking. I would not knit this again, haha.

I actually started out, back in August, with purple instead of the black. But I saw Stephen West’s version, and some other versions with the black, blue, and white. And I was like “OH MAH GOODNESS. I gotta do that.” Thankfully at the time I was only half way through step… 3, which is where the purple/black was. So I didn’t have to rip back too far :-P

Anyways, I’m now starting on the border. I’m going to be doing a couple rows in the blue, one or two rows in the black, then finish it off with a couple more in the blue. Holy cow, I can’t wait for this to be done.

Bertie is also really looking forward to it being done, haha. He really wants me to be able to cast on for the Acer Cardigan, or something, on Nov 1st. Cause he knows that’d make me really really happy. Especially if I had finished several WIPs before hand.

Bertie also really likes catnip. Especially his catnip sock. He loves it so much, haha.

Also, his toes are adorable. I may or may not be biased. I don’t really care, haha. ^_^


2 thoughts on “Earth & Sky, NoKniMo, and SPINNING!

  1. Amy Valentino says:

    I’m not a huge fan of the Stephen West shawl…I’ve seen a few that look really good, but a few that the color schemes just do. not. work.

    I can’t wait to see your spun Doctor Who fiber!!!

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