I’ve noticed this… and this.. and this… and *this*

Things I’ve noticed/realized since… either Friday or Saturday. I forget which one, haha.

1) calls from your big sister just to say “hi, check out this adorable picture I took of one of my cats” and then to continue to chat for the next 20 minutes just makes me stinking happy. Like. really really happy.

2) hot baths are so nice. I always forget how nice they are.

3) any kind of bread dough is hard to get to the right… bread-y ness. Well, for someone with not a whole lot of experience in that area, such as myself.

4) therefore, this creates another reason why mothers can be soooo extremely amazing (even more so than before, because they were really awesome to begin with :-P) because… they know what bread dough should look/feel like. And therefore can help you get the right.. bread-yness, haha.

5) Even though Strip the Willow is such a simple dance, besides the Posties (and a couple others) it’s one of the ones that probably drains the most energy. Especially if you do the extreme version. Which I really don’t understand why. (Strip the Willow and the Posties are contra dances)

6) Due to so much dancing, so much force, and so much fun that was put into said dancing, my arms and shoulders are *still* extremely sore. But it’s the type of sore that you know it was totally worth it. Even though it may hurt extremely to pick up heavy things, or lift your arms above your head.

7) dancing like that can cause so much adrenaline that it’s hard to go to sleep afterwards. Which then results in a very very sleepy person on Sunday.

8) Even though everyone knows this, cause I’ve said it. But I have amazing friends who know when I need a hug, or comforting words.

9) I also have amazing friends who still love me when I more than extremely butcher a church piece. So much so that it confuses everyone. And I lose my place. it’s just bad.

10) then they come and sit with me while I finish at the end, then give me a hug on the piano bench.

11) when you have a job, that you’re supposed to be good at. And you fail. It’s hard. Well, for me it is anyway, haha. That piece caused tears. Silly piece. Silly me. Oh well, life moves on. And now I know better ^_^

12) it’s very very hard to have short hair and pull off curls without looking like a poodle that’s been through a wind storm. Some people can pull it off beautifully, and they look adorable. Can I? No, I look like a blown up poodle. And I don’t want to look like that.

13) I miss my long hair. Ooooh boy do I miss my long hair. Though this is not to say I don’t like my short hair, I do. But. yeahhhh. ^_^

14) it’s really important to read essay questions CAREFULLY so you make sure you write about the *right person*… instead of finding out you wrote about the wrong person *after* you wrote an entire essay. Yeah. Be careful.

15) Due to so many switches between printing and cursive.. my handwriting now is a weird mix of both. Which I don’t quite get. But oh well, haha. If I can read it… for the most part, heh heh… I’m ok with it.

16) I’m becoming obsessed with making hats. I have no clue why. It was very sudden. but now I’m attracted to almost every hat I see. Which.. is another thing I’m ok with ^_^

17) this post is very long.. and there haven’t been any pictures. So before I go…

Bertie wants to say hi ^_^ in.. a very sleepily manner, haha :-P


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