New Podcast, productiveness, chocolate, and a cat

Yesterday was weird… in a weird way, that I have no idea… why or how. It was good. But I was kinda out of it for the most part.

So, around 3:30, I was done with the school that I absolutely had to do. And I had no idea what I was going to do next. I wanted to knit, but I had no idea what I was going to knit… cause I was bored with all the stuff that I knew *should* knit on. Yeah, it was one of those moods.

I also wanted to listen to something. I had no idea what. The podcasts I wanted to listen to, there weren’t any new episodes… there wasn’t a particular audiobook that caught my fancy. So I went searching on iTunes.

And I’m sooo happy I did. Because I found a new favorite podcast!

It’s called Caithnesscraftcollective (you can listen it the episodes either on Podbean, or on iTunes.) and it’s absolutely amazing.

If you like Scottish accents, all things crafty, and just having a fun time, you’ll like this podcast.

So, what I was going to listen to was taken care of. Now, for the knitting part.

I went into my closet, and just reached into my second half of the UFO collection (*hangs head* yes, there’s a second half) and just pulled out a random bag.

I came up with Laura Chau’s Top-down Shoulder Warmer, which I’m knitting with… Malabrigo Twist, I believe. In this beautiful teal color.

And I seriously only had the ribbing around the neck left. So, I actually *finished* that yesterday. I WAS SO PROUD OF MYSELF. There shall be FO pictures soon ^_^

So, I sat. and knit. and listened to amazing podcasts. And I felt sooo much better. Life was awesome ^_^

But, getting on to the actual point, haha. Also in this bag, was another project. It was my… Featherweight Cardigan (it’s the first pattern listed) (here’s a better picture of it) Which I started.. a long time ago. A looong time ago. So long, I don’t even remember when, haha.

But my yarn is Cascade Yarns Alpaca Lace

In a beautiful red. I’m really happy with it. From before, I had gotten to the 2″ of 1×1 ribbing on the bottom. But then upon further study of other Featherweights that had been done, I decided that I wanted to make mine longer. So, out came the measly 4 rows of ribbing I had already done.. and I continued on with the body. Which I plan to lengthen for another 2 ish inches. *then* start the 1×1 ribbing.

What I’ll do for the collar, I don’t know yet.. I dread doing 1×1 ribbing for three and a half inches…with lace weight… on size 6s. That just seems crazy. To me. But what does that matter? I’m crazy already. I should be loving that idea… haha.

Very Not-so-relevant note:

I made these Non-cook peanut-butter-chocolate-oat bars onnnn.. Tuesday? Maybe? I forget when. But they’re absolutely brilliant. Annnnd. You should make them if you like any of those things. Or all of those things.

They go great with tea… hence the Drink Me mug, haha.


CUTEST CAT IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. right there. Oh yeah.

I may or may not be biased. But I don’t really care ^_^


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