Vitamin D Progress

Vitamin D slowly moves forward ^_^ I was able to finish the entire body *and* the neck trim on… Saturday and Sunday.

Mostly on Saturday, cause I had a ton of free time (*loves free time, so much*)

My little brother had to wake up early and go take the PSAT (again, because he and I took it last year together.) Me, on the other hand, got to sleep in till around 9:30 (which is a miracle… waking up around 7:30ish every morning, you get into that habit. Then naturally wake up then, when you don’t have to. Which I find extremely annoying sometimes, haha) anyways. So, I got to sleep in.

Then I made apple cider cinnamon rolls (which pictures of those are coming soon :-P) Which.. are now… gone, heh heh. Even though I did make them myself, they were SO AMAZING. holy cow, I adore that recipe.

Annnnd, just kinda hung out the rest of the day, because all the cleaning had been done the night before, nothing needed to be done.. it was happy!

But that’s not the point of this post, haha.

Obviously, it’s not blocked yet. And that really needs to be done… the edges, both of them, are folding up.

Yay for my extremely weird part and that lone curl, haha.

Anyways, so all I have left is the sleeves (I chose to knit them in the round, instead of knitting them flat then having to seam them up. and I also chose to do them last, obviously, haha… I’m not sure why, exactly. Because I could have just as easily knit the sleeves when the part came along in the pattern. Oh well. At least I’m done with all those short rows on the body :-P

Overall, I’m so excited about this. I love how the yarn is coming out (holy cow, it’s AMAZING. I <3 Madelinetosh for eveah and eveah.) I love the pattern, and how extremely brilliant it is, despite the huuuuge rows and many many short rows. And I think I'm going to love the look of the finished object.

I is very excited ^_^


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