Hermione’s hat is *almost* done…

And so, Hermione’s Cabled hat has had lots of work done upon it. ^_^

Since I took these pictures, I’m more than half way done with the decreasing, so I’m allllllmost done. Only like… maybe 5 rows, at the most, left. Woot woot!

I’m really really happy with how it’s turning out. I’m hoping I have enough yarn to finish those last 5 rows, though. Oh well. If I don’t.. the last little bit will be white, haha.

Major success ^_^


4 thoughts on “Hermione’s hat is *almost* done…

  1. Jenny says:

    HERMIONE! I love hermione! :-D
    The stitching seems a bit bigger on your version, are you using bigger needles? or are you… doing it without a pattern, by eye?!? That would be insane!

  2. Katie Frank says:

    This hat is so adorable!! Are you figuring out the pattern by yourself? and if so, could you tell me what it is so I can make one? please? I love it :D

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