Fall arrives, and so do pies and pumpkins.

It’s time to welcome fall in, since it’s finally getting cooler. it’s finally starting to rain more and more (slowly, but rain is rain. and I’m thankful for it, haha) Fall shoes and socks can be worn now. And that’s just happiness.

Fall-ish food items are being made. Fall candles are being gotten (like, the candle in my room? It’s cinnamon sugar donut. And it makes my room smell heavenly.) Fall… ness is starting to surround everything and everyone. Annnnd, I’m so happy about that ^_^

So, I just pulled this out of the oven, and sadly, my camera ran out of batteries. But I did make a pie. And it’s called the Vermont Maple Oatmeal Pie.

And right now… the house smells amazing, haha, if I do say so myself.

So yep, this is before-the-entering-of-the-oven. Now, it’s all delicious looking, brown, and the coconut on the top is nice and crunchy ^_^.

I’m happy with how it turned out :-P

I also meant to get picture of Hermione’s cabled hat, but I could not get said pictures before camera battery died. *headdesk* Tomorrow, tomorrow tomorrow. I’ve definitely made progress, finished the first set of eyelets, and completed the first cable round. And I can’t wait till it’s done, cause it’ll be adorable :-P

Bertie is happy that the fall has arrived as well ^_^


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