Hermione’s Cabled Hat

went back to work on Vitamin D ^_^ Cause BLACKBIRD IS FINISHED! WHEEEEEE!!! So happy about that. Sooo soo happy about that ^_^

Not only did I finish *that*. But I finished the Ships & Seaside Cowl, FO pictures shall be coming shortly :-P AND I finished a secret Christmas present.

Which I’m rather happy with how it turned out. Now, I only have one more Christmas item that absolutely has to get done. Then. I shall be done. DONE DONE DONE with my Christmas knitting. Which is an incredible feat, haha, cause for the past several years, I’ve stayed up till at least 1 on Christmas Eve trying to finish stuff.

Not this year. Nooo no, not this year. *accomplishment*

So. Because, yes, I finished not one, not two, but THREE items. I thought it was ok to cast on something small. it’s small, I promise.

I cast on a hat, with one of the left over balls from the Ships & Seaside (I ended up with two almost completely full balls of the Kid Classic left over. Which is totally ok with me, because I’ve already found what I’m going to do with both of them :-P… obviously, one of the things is a hat, haha)

What hat might I be making? I’m making Hermione’s Cabled and Eyelet hat from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

And I’m quite excited about it :-P Cause it’s one stinking cool hat, haha.

I better run… I still have some school to do before the day is done. I can do it. I shall be successfullllll. Oooh yeah.


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