FO: Blackbird!! Yesssssss!

Fact 1: Blackbird is FINISHED.

Fact 2: I am extremely happy about this.

Fact 3: This means… that I can continue on my progress of finishing old things.

Fact 4: It was actually pouring during this photoshoot. (which, I do apologize for the weird.. lighting. and the not.. too terribly clear pictures of it. But, I’ll try and get better ones soon :-P)

Fact 5: Therefore, I got extremely wet. and ended up (and I am…) smelling like wet wool. Woot.

Fact 6: I love rain.

Fact 7: I also love pockets.

Fact 8: When I finished it on… Friday. It had been a year and 2 days since I had gotten the yarn in Branson, Missouri. True story.

Fact 9: *is now embarrassed that it took me a year and 2 days to actually get around to finishing it*

Fact 10: I love it when I get wet… in the rain. There’s something so invigorating about getting wet… in the rain, haha.

Fact 11: I love this sweater. And I think I’ll get a lot of good use out of it ^_^

Fact 12: I only have one more step, which is actually the construction, on the Ships & Seaside cowl. So. I’m feeling extremely accomplished. I’ll probably finish it this afternoon ^_^

Fact 13: I love being a knitter.


4 thoughts on “FO: Blackbird!! Yesssssss!

  1. Katie Frank says:

    I love that Grace! I think I need to make it for myself now…and I’ve totally got you trumped on longest project, I started a dishcloth (yes, a dishcloth, of all things!!) and took more than a year on it, and I was given yarn about 9 years ago that I only just finished a project with ;) (having started and ripped out three other ones first, and I don’t think it was ever not in a project lol)

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