Apple Spice Muffins…Mmm mm mmm…

Today. I made two things. Two foodie things. And I felt very accomplished.

I made… Chicken pot pie.. from that book in the above picture. And it was extremely easy.

Helloooooo little rainbow. You’re adorable.

Second thing I made.. was Apple Spice Muffins. Once again, from the Fall Baking book by the Taste of Home.

This apple-infested recipe, this time, didn’t want cut and peeled apples. It wanted peeled and grated apples. Soooo, I didn’t have to use that silly apple cutter! (long story short, using that apple cutter did something to my hand.. and it hurt to do important stuff… like knit, play the piano, and write… for a couple of days. It was silly.) So that was happy, haha.

So in they went into the oven. For 18 minutes (well. the little ones went in for only… 12 minutes. The bigger ones had 18 minutes :-P)

and out they came ^_^ Hot. Smelling good. Amazing.

One reason why I liked making these muffins: I got to use those cute muffin/cupcake liners ^_^

Also: Today is the first day of Socktoberfest! Woot woot! ^_^


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