FO: Sockies ^_^


I SO GOT THAT SOCK DONE. In a day plus a little itty bitty bit. BOOYYYYYAH. *feels accomplished* ^_^

I kinda like wearing socks with high heels. Especially… fun socks like that. Bright colors.. Yep. I think it’s pretty awesome. (*hinthinthint for fall weather to finally come and *stay*)

Bertie. Has a sock. Not just any sock, though. it’s full… of catnip. Hence.. the greenness on the end, haha. It’s some old sock that was found, and I guess didn’t have a match. Sooo it became a very… popular cat toy, haha.

It also causes Bertie to play with little pieces of fuzz on the carpet.

Though… He does that even when he’s not under the influence of catnip :-P

For today’s Quotable Friday, just gotta scroll on down a bit :-)

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