Helloooo Socktoberfest 2011

So, I’m finally getting around to working on my Stephen West Mystery KAL (which, is now over. and the name of the shawl is “Earth and Sky”)

I originally had purple (you can see a little bit of it in the corner of the picture) instead of the black.

But I was so smitten with Stephen West’s version of it… or one of them. That I had to use black instead. Obviously, the black is in a different place than his. But I like mine :-)

Also. Socktober fest is quickly coming upon us.

Last year. I… said I’d make around 15 pairs of socks. or, I had that many patterns picked out, and the yarn picked out as well.

That was silly. I don’t think I even finished any socks that month. Cause… I got bored, haha. And worked on other stuff :-P

SO! This year. my goal. Is to knit at least *2* pairs. Surely I can do that.

And actually.

(and yes. I do know. I really need to repaint my toe nails, haha.)

I only have one more sock in one pair… then I’ll have one pair taken care of ^_^ (and this is an old pair of socks. SO! Yay for getting old stuff done and completed ^_^)

Maybe I should say two pairs of *patterned* socks. Hm.

I’ve never… completed, heh heh, a patterned sock before. I have Cookie. A’s Knit. Sock. Love book … so I might choose something out of there.

Cause it’s not like I don’t have anything else on the needles -_- haha.

Or maybe I’ll just stick with vanilla socks, haha. I don’t know :-P We’ll see how it all works out, haha.


3 thoughts on “Helloooo Socktoberfest 2011

  1. Hannah says:

    EW! YOUR FEET? THEY ARE DISGUSTING! why oh why did you put a picture up? have I taught you nothing? *goes and cries for shame*

    haha! good job on the sock =)

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