More Kitchen Adventures: Chunky Apple Cake

I’m a bakin’ again! This time I made Chunky Apple Cake. Mmmhm.

Besides me expanding my cooking skilz, I learned something…

That I can only hold 3 apples in my hand at once. How many apples can YOU hold in one hand at once?

Once again, it’s out of the Fall Baking book that I mentioned in my Oatmeal Surprise Cookies post
Annnnd I think it’s going to be another big hit.

I had to cut a lot of apples. 6 apples. And peel them too. That’s a lot of apples. When I was younger, I always thought the apple cutter was like *the* coolest thing in the entire world.

Then I learned how to use it, and it wasn’t quite as cool as it once was. It’s kinda problematic and somewhat painful when you for some odd reason, can’t get the cutter to go all the way through. You can get it to go half way. But not the whole way. And it like won’t budge. That’s rather annoying.

….it’s also annoying when you first cut into it, juice flies up into your eye. That’s not that fun either… O.o, haha

Yes, I did indeed make a smiley face with the apple peels. And one apple piece. Cause I’m *that* cool.

In go the apples into the batter. It’s all mixed up. It’s all awesome. Tastes amazing.

And it’s now ready for the oven ^_^

It’s baking at this very moment. And I’m beginning to smell it. Annnnnd, it smells pretty stinking good.

Apples, in fact, are very cool. Very very cool. They bring the feeling of Fall. Which I want very badly.

*dreams of wearing handknit socks, having to bundle up, and getting to sleep with the window open*


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