Short Rows..? Meh…

I’ve got a lot done on Vitamin D ^_^

I got to the short rows.. two days ago. And started on them, it was at the bottom of like the 3rd page of the pattern.

And there were a lot of short rows. You had to repeat a set of 4 rows 7 times (so, that’d be 7×4 = 28 rows. Not that bad, but these are big rows. Biiiiig rows)

I was like YESSSSS. Almost done with these w&ts (wrap & turns :-p)! Booyah! Hahahahaaaaa!

then I turned over to the 4th page. And sawwwww.

“repeat these new 4 rows 7 more times”


Which is totally ok, cause it’s obviously, the pattern, and it’s going to be like what it’s supposed to look like.

But I’ve found that I’m not a huge fan of short rows/w&ts.. they’re ok in moderation. But in big quantities like that, it’s not quite as fun, haha.

And because you never actually finish a row while you’re doing them, you can’t try it on. And I want to try it on sooooo bad, haha. Oh well. Motiviation to finish those last 28 rows for short rows, right? :-P

But yes. Besides the short rows.. I’m loving this. Holy cow, am I loving it ^_^

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