Blackbird: Update

(woot woot for a Save the Storks shirt! :-D)

Yaaaay, it’s getting longer every day ^_^

When it’s done, it’s going to be so extremely epic.

It’s going to be soft. Warm. Fuzzy. It better get cold this winter…

(haha, ignore the hair. It’s not being nice to me today, haha. I got it cut a couple days ago, so it’s still figuring out what it’s going to do now, haha)

(thank yoooou, Joey, for taking that picture ^_^)

I was bugged by the ends that were hanging while I finish up the knitting. So I took a break from the knitting, and wove in the ends, and put together the collar.

Which, before I was terrified of. Because, upon looking at others on Ravelry, I saw that lots of people were having problems with the seaming, or something.

So, when it came to putting together the collars, I laughed in it’s face. and did it my own way, haha.

I did a three-needle Bind off, instead of grafting the stitches together.

True, now you can see where I joined it. But… personally.. I think it looks cool that way. but that’s just me :-P

Ahhhhh, seaming something and it turning out nicely is always so rewarding. I love it, haha.

(for today’s Quotable Friday, just scoot down a little bit farther :-P)


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