Oatmeal Surprise Cookies ^_^

I made cookies yesterday ^_^

And they weren’t your average chocolate-chip-and-oatmeal cookies. They were Oatmeal Surprise cookies.

Why were they a surprise? Cause they had pumpkin pie spice in them. And I added a little more than a dash of cinnamon, just cause I could.

And after a couple batches, I was thinking… “These might be really amazing if they had cranberries in them too…”

So in they went :-P

And holy cow, were they amazing.. if I say so myself :-P

I got this recipe from a magazine… I might try and get that up sometime soon :-D

So, last night. After working a couple rows on Blackbird… I worked on my Vitamin D.

I worked on it… a lot, haha. Yeah, divided for the arms, and I’m about to start the short rows.

The pattern had the sleeves knit flat, and knit before you finish knitting the rest of the body. But it did give the option of knitting them in the round. Which is what I chose to do, haha. As much as I do enjoy seaming, I try and avoid it sometimes :-P

I’m kinda worried about the short rows… because those have never been a strength of mine. But oh well… gotta get good at it sometime, haha. And might as well be now :-P

Bertie agrees. Most definitely. You can see it pouring off his face, haha.

*eats an oatmeal surprise cookie*

Happy Thursday ^_^


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