Once again, the cats invade

Jeeves says hello, and hopes that you’re having a great Wednesday ^_^

Haha, about knitting… progress has been made. Most definitely.

It’s definitely closer to those 6″ than it was yesterday. And I’m almost finished with that ball, haha. When I measured it just a minute ago, I have almost 4″… so only 2″ left! YAAAAYYY!!

Haha, I keep telling myself that poem.. where it’s like “A man who walks a mile each day, will get ’round the world” or something like that…

Last night, I worked about 5 rows of Blackbird, and then treated myself to work on my Madelinetosh ^_^ I couldn’t resist. It was calling my name.

And it’s going along splendidly. Holy cow, I’m loving how this is knitting up. Not only is the pattern… so well written and the little yarn overs are adorable.. but the yarnnnnn. *knows I have mentioned this at least 5 times…heh heh* IT’S SO NICEEEEE.

*yarn fan girl moment* EEEEEE!

Bertie decided that he wanted to be part of the pictures.

Sooo adorable ^_^ The project as well as the cat :-P

But yes, I got a lot done on it last night. I only have one more repeat of the raglan increases, I believe. Which pretty good, I think.

*remembers that I should be working on Blackbird* *sigh*



eh. Haha :-P

Bertie. Is so going to help me. You can tell that he is extremely interested and enthusiastic about encouraging me through those endless inches of stockinette :-P


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