Only… 6 more inches… *cringe*

I’ve been diligently working on Blackbird… every single day. Every time I sit down to knit something, I *always* knit at least 2 rows on it.

Which, for me… that’s pretty amazing. Cause.. I wanna work on other stuff SO BADLY. *twitches*

So yeah, I was knitting. Got to the pocket division. And was extremely excited.

Thennnn… I read that I had to knit till the pockets were 15cm (which ends up to be 6″)… -_-

not really want I wanted to hear, haha. So I decided to be optimistic about it. Because, I though… maybe it would go as fast as those last 10″ went. I went through those, lickty-split.

But noooo. These 6″ are going soooo slowly. Not even funny slowly, haha.

Just gotta persevere, I guess, haha. Because I am SO finishing this thing. there is no way that… I’m just leaving it *now* and not.. yeah. It’s gotta get done.

Only sad thing… is that after I do finish those 6″, I know I still got at least another 6″ to go, haha. Oh well… it’s gonna be one epic sweater, that’s all I can say :-P

This stripe has grown on me. I’m liking it more every time I lay it out completely, haha.

Using Noro scraps as waste yarn. Makes life colorful ^_^

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