*cough* I kinda cast something new on *cough*

I’ve been workin’ on stuff ^_^

Don’t judge, Apple bags are really awesome project bags, haha. Plus, it looks cool carrying them around. Ish. Well. It looks cool to pull one out of your bag and it looks like.. “ooooo. she has something from the Apple store.”

….and that just sounded extremely geeky of me, haha. Pardon me, haha :-P

Anyways. So, what’s in those two Apple bags?

Well, one is a Christmas present. So. Only one picture.

And. yeah. I’m.. really excited about it ^_^ annnd I kinda want one, haha.

There’s another thing that kinda goes along with this.. present. But I’m not sure… if I’m going to do that. as well. Cause. this one… in the picture, is pretty awesome by itself, haha. We’ll wait and see :-P

In the *other* bag.


I may… or may not… have cast on that Madelinetosh Sock that I got.

I’m sorry. I HAD TO. I had been working something… that was old, and I was bored with it. I was bored with all my old stuff. Annnd it must have showed on my face, haha. Cause my mom said..

“you know.. if you cast on something new… like that Madelinetosh stuff, you’ll probably feel a whole lot better. And, you already *had* the yarn. So it counts.”

I love my mom ^_^

So I didddddd. And, she was right… I felt so much better, haha :-P

It’s not that far along, that’s only an hour and a half ish of work.

But I’m making.. Vitamin D by Heidi Kirrmaier


I’m… kinda… really really excited about it. Heh heh. *realizes I’ve said that about almost every single project..* *is going to keep saying it, cause it’s pretty much true every single time, haha*


1) I’ve had my eye on this pattern for like *forever*. and now I get to make it ^_^ with… some of the best yarn EVER.

2) it’s Madelinetosh Sock. First time to knit with it. It smells good. it’s squishy. Feels like butter… (or pretty close to it, haha) the color is HOLY COW, SO BEAUTIFUL. And it makes me drool.

….ok, maybe not drool. But I mean. I really really love this yarn. ^_^

My mom and I decided that another reason why it was ok, that I casted this on… was because, could use it as like a “relief project”.

Like, if I got bored working with old stuff… I could just work on the Vitamin D. And it’d be a nice break

I loved this idea, haha.

Obviously ^_^


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